The All-New
Western Turf & Hardscapes

Visit our newly constructed showroom at 3785 Barron Way.

Easy to maintain, easier-than-you-think to install, and oh-so easy on the eyes. Lay the path to the yard of your dreams with the industry’s top paver products. 

Locally grown grass that’s as tough and beautiful as the high desert itself. Ask about our handcrafted sod blends that keep homes happy all year long. 

The unsung heroes of every good-looking yard. Offering over 20 different varieties of ground coverings for starting, finishing, and everything in between. 

Our Roots Run Deep

All the way back to 1978, to be exact. Get to know the Reno, NV company that’s been providing the industry’s best turf and hardscapes for over 40 years.


You read that right. Save yard work for your yard, not ours. Order turf, pavers, or rock from Western Turf and Hardscapes and get it delivered the next business day to anywhere within our Next Day Delivery area.

Certified Paver Pros

Pavers, hardscapes, whatever you want to call ’em – we’re the team you want. Our staff are ICPI-certified (that’s the Interlocking Concrete Paving Institute), so you can be sure they’ll have all the answers you need. 

Here’s what nice folks with even nicer yards have to say about Western Turf & Hardscapes

Honed in the High Desert

Turf? In the desert? You bet. We’ve spent decades tending to this land to create drought-tolerant seed blends that thrive in high desert climates. 


We come from a long line of farmers. Taking care of the land and the earth around it is in our DNA. Our drought-tolerant turf blends require less water to plant and maintain while also cooling the environment around them (guaranteeing less trips to the thermostat in the summer).

The Yard They’ve Always Wanted, Whenever They Want It

The most no-brainer gift is the one they’d never expect – cold, hard cash for a lush, new yard.