MoistureShield Decking is the secret to durable, inspiring outdoor spaces


Don’t sacrifice looks for practicality. MoistureShield’s TruTexture™’ Surfaces combines the depth and looks of wood grain with the practicality of composite decking


With DiamondDefense™’ Coating and proprietary Solid Core design, MoistureShield Decking resists warping, rotting, chips, and scratches, resulting in zero structural failures in their 30+ year history


CoolDeck® Technology reduces surface temperatures up to 35% and can minimize sun exposure to your windows when designed properly, saving on indoor temperature costs.

TruTexture™ Surface
DiamondDefense™ Coating
CoolDeck® Technology


Get advanced protection and beauty without breaking your budget. Our introductory capped wood composite board is shielded with a strong, protective barrier to help prevent damage from impact, corrosion, and weathering in virtually any environment. Additional defense lies in our proprietary Solid Core for zero structural field failures on the ground, in the ground or underwater. Elevate composite decking allows you to create a stylish, durable outdoor environment simply and affordably.


Our strongest capped wood composite board is protected with our exclusive DiamondDefense™ Coating to exude distinctive style while resisting scratches, stains and damage on impact. Choose from beautiful color options and textures that reflect the look of real hardwood while ensuring unmatched performance features designed to last a lifetime.


This capped composite decking with a low-profile wood grain pattern and reduced pattern repetition evokes the look and feel of real wood and is combined with all the protection and performance of the Solid Core Difference™. 


When it comes to creating custom artisan decks, there’s no material that cuts, rips or bends better while still maintaining its integrity. That’s because our Solid Core runs through the entire board to ensure protection without a cap. As a result, there’s no need for painting, staining and yearly repairs with this beautiful decking option that’s resistant to moisture, rot and warping. 


To understand our products at a glance, consider the following questions before choosing the right decking:

1. Do you have little children or pets?

Choose Vision or Vantage for high slip resistance.

2. Does your region experience many hot summer days?

Choose Vision or Meridian with CoolDeck.

3. How often do you entertain large groups?

For heavy foot traffic, choose Vision.

4. Are you interested in decking that will last for many years, is low maintenance but also concerned about your budget?

Choose Elevate. Its scalloped bottom reduces cost while still offering our Solid Core protection giving it the same 50-year structural warranty that is available on all MoistureShield’s decking lines. 

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