Rock, Soil, and Amendments

Over 20 different ground coverings like rock, soil, decomposed granite, and bark – delivered to your front door.


While we don't do RSA installations, we do have a large referral system with all of the best local qualified contractors. If your project is in the Reno, Sparks, or Lake Tahoe, we can find the right contractor for your project for a clean and easy install process.


Start and end your project right. Western turf and Hardscapes stocks 20 different types of ground covering, including topsoil, decorative rock, bark, and DG. With our special order service, we can get just about any ground cover or rock for our area. Actual size and color of our rock and soil products may vary – just ask!



Forget long trips to pick up your order and say “never again” to renting the equipment to do it. Western Turf and Hardscapes is happy to offer next day delivery to Northern Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and the Northeast Sierra. Place your order by 12pm the day prior, and we’ll deliver your turf, hardscapes, rock, and ground coverings within the next business day.

Decorative Rock

The underrated star of every beautiful yard. Various sizes and densities cover a wide range of applications.

Pea gravel 3/8"

Yuba Gold 11/2"

Mocha Lava 11/2"

Salt & Pepper 11/2"

Sienna 11/2"

Navajo 11/2"

Navajo 3/4"

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River Rock

Cover large, un-trafficked areas with ease and natural aesthetics.

River Rock 2" Minus

River Rock 4" Minus

Cobble 3/4"


It all starts here. Build a better foundation for your yard with nutrient-dense soils. Pairs perfectly with our locally grown natural turf.

Triple Mix



Sands & DG

Easy to manage, easy to spread. The perfect choice for heavily trafficked areas that still need a visual boost.

Pathway Pebbles

Decomposed Granite (DG)

Bedding Sand


Lush textures and colors create great contrast and make for the ideal top dressing for bushes, trees, and other plants.

Shredded Red Cedar

Medium Chunk Bark

Construction Aggregate

Practical materials that ain’t bad to look at, either. Can be used for walkways, driveways, and decorative fill.

Crushed 3/4"

Crushed 11/2"

3/4" Base Class II


Before ordering, you should have the following information to ensure your order is accurate.

  1. Start by measuring the area you wish to place rock, soil, or amendment (RSA) materials, make sure to get the square footage as well as the height in inches for your project. Refer to the education tab for measuring instructions.
  2. Consider whether the materials you are placing down need to serve a purpose or if they are purely decorative.
  3. If you have questions about what would work best for what you need please give our office a call or stop by our depot.

Please fill out this interactive form and email back to info@westernturf.com

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