Choose Our Locally Grown Turf On Your Next Architectural Project


Hard to believe, but our locally grown turf is one of the more sustainable choices for architects and landscape designers in the Reno-Tahoe area. Since 1978, we have continuously studied and hand-picked our seeds to produce beautiful, climatized sod most suited for our region’s specific conditions, allowing it to thrive in our vast transition zones.

After more than 40 years of growing turf in Northern Nevada, we’ve developed sustainable, resilient properties in our sod blends , including:

  • Drought tolerance
  • Cold and heat resilience
  • Lower water requirement for establishment*
  • Localized cooling effect that lowers A/C use
  • Natural fire break properties for surrounding structures

It starts at the source. We source the seeds for our sod blends from Landmark Turf and Native Seed, an industry-leading provider and member of the Alliance for Low Input Sustainable Turf (A-LIST), a national organization that promotes successful and sustainable grass growth. Below, you’ll find our current mixes that make up our Western Blue Derby and Oasis Blue Fescue


80% Blue Grass, 20% Rye

A blend of Midnight Kentucky, Lunar Kentucky, Shannon Kentucky, and Fullback Kentucky Bluegrasses mixed with a blend of Intense, Spark, and Accelerator Perennial Ryegrasses. 

Our Western Blue Derby makes for a finer, softer leaf blade with a beautiful darker green color. Its strong root system adapts to many different soil types allowing for fast recovery from high traffic. It thrives in hot and cool temperatures while tolerating a variety of mowing heights. And its low water use is why you’ll find this grass commonly used in not just home lawns, but parks, professionally landscaped common areas, and sports fields in our cooler zones.

90% Fescue, 10% Blue Grass

The finer, denser texture of Oasis Blue Fescue provides better mobility and ball play on athletic fields and its beneficial rhizomes allow for quick fill-in and repair both in high traffic areas and low maintenance areas.

This is a high-heat, drought-tolerant, brown patch- resistant, medium blade grass that excels in areas of full sun and heavy traffic. The fast recovery and ability to retain its color into the winter months makes this an ideal grass for sports fields in our warmer zones, parks, or home lawns – particularly for those with large dogs.

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