Pavers can be put into service immediately after the installer has finished vibrating and interlocking them together. This means no 3 day wait to enjoy laying out the patio furniture or driving into your garage.

Pavers are easy to maintain. If you can handle a broom and a hose, then you’re overqualified.

Forget to add a sprinkler line, yard design change or need to repair a street sewer line? Just remove and reinstate the same pavers with no tell tale signs of a patch. No demolition equipment or dump fees to haul off the debris. This is especially beneficial when considering the impacts of asphalt composition.

Interlocking concrete pavers are 4x stronger than poured in place concrete and they provide a solid, yet flexible surface. Unlike asphalt, pavers are virtually maintenance free and do not need regular sealing or replacement.

With proper installation, concrete pavers will outlast poured in place concrete and asphalt.

The options for design are limited to your imagination. We have over 30 color options with several different styles. Whether you like a modern, contemporary, or rustic design, we have the product to complete your vision.

Yes, this is an acceptable method. Please note the main issue with an overlay installation is standard pavers are 60mm (2 3/8  inches). This may cause an issue with the door threshold. Many manufacturers do produce pavers in a 45mm (1 3/4 inches) for this type of installation.

ICPI stands for “International Concrete Paver Institute”. This is an organization that maintains industry standards across the nation.