1. Start by measuring your yard to ensure the proper square footage needed. Refer to the education tab for instructions.
  2. Ground preparations are the most important part in ensuring a long life for your new turf. Depending on your circumstances you may want to build your ground up with triple mix or rototill humus into your existing soil. Soil preparations should be complete before receiving your turf.
  3. Make sure you understand installation instructions and watering for your new turf. Refer to the education tab for details.
  4. Compact your ground with a landscape roller that is half full.
  5. Installing a sprinkler system is vital for a healthy long-lasting lawn.
  6. Turf should be installed within 24 hours of receiving it, if the temperatures reach 90 degrees it should be installed immediately.
  7. If you plan to pick up your turf as opposed to having it delivered make sure to give our office a call a day in advance and place a hold on what you need.
  8. Make sure you don’t over order, perishable items are nonrefundable.

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